Visit to Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia

Stork nest

In July I spent a week in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia. The county is a wildlife paradise. Bogs and mires, wetlands, and the Baltic coast with sandunes and the Curonian Spit (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). 

I have uploaded a small selection of photographs from my visit onto my Picasa web album, including some images from Poland taken on route. During the visit the main sites visited in the Kaliningrad Oblast included:

1. Wetlands and raised bog nature reserve of Grosses Moosbruch at Gromovo (formerly Hohenbruch/Lauknen).

2. Amber mines and the Baltic coast at Yantarny.

3. Sand dune and mixed conifer and birch woodland habitats on the Curonian Spit (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

4. Rural church at Gvardeyskoye (formerly Muhlhausen).

Thanks to Valeriy Surodeev my tour guide for organising a fantastic 6 day itinerary - only a shame it was not twice as long !

You can see the photographs here

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