Appeals for breeding curlew survey records

Curlew Image

A breeding Curlew survey will take place this spring and summer. The organisers (National Parks & Wildlife Service and BirdWatch Ireland) are appealing for records of this iconic bird, which has suffered serious declines in recent decades. Knowing where the Curlew are is central to targeting agri-environment measures that can be applied in the future. Without these measures, it is likely that the Curlew's habitat will continue to be lost and the evocative call of this breeding wader will continue to disappear from the Irish summer. If you have records or sightings from previous years or in 2014, or would like to take part in the survey, be sure to contact Barry.O'Donoghue@ahg.gov.ie (mind the apostrophe!).

Photo: Andreas Trepte, www.photo-natur.de

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