Additional wetland sites identified in County Laois

A revised map of known and potentail wetlands in County Laois has been compiled based on an aerial photographic analysis and sub soils data.

This project undertaken by Foss Environmental Consulting and Wetland Surveys Ireland has located some 245 potential wetland sites in the county. The majority of the sites have little associated information on the wetland habitats that are likely to occur on the areas identified. A county wetland survey is required to address this information deficit.

The Wetland Map of Ireland now displays a total of 5,411 sites nationally.


County Laois Wetland Map pre 2014 new site additions

Wetland distribution in Laois before aerial photographic and sub soil review was undertaken (34 sites shown within county). 

County Laois wetland map 2014 after addition of new wetland sites.

Distribution of potential and known wetland sites in Laois after 2014 aerial photographic and sub soil review. 


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